About the Webbiz Guy

Hi there!

My name is Mario, and I am the guy behind “The Web Business Guy”.

I am a proud father of 2 gorgeous girls and married since 2013. I love to fiddle around on the web and have been doing this steadily since 2003

I am normally working as a professional web developer, and internet marketing is a passion I do when I do not work.

I have always had a special interest for computers, and it all started out early in my teens with my first computer “Vic20”. My curiosity made me try programming and back then the language was Visual Basic, this was before Windows came along and made managing a computer a hole lot easier.

I have dabbled around with web design and graphical content creation for more than 20 years, and in 2004 I was introduced to internet marketing and realized it was possible to earn money from it.

I started with selling cellphone spare parts before the smartphone came along from my own Oscommerce powered website that I put up myself.

I have been a freelancing web developer since 2003 and have made 100´s of websites for both myself and for other people. I started doing web development more professionally in 2010 when I decided to start my own web development company and have never stopped that until today. I have managed my company from home and luckily I have a supportive wife that sometimes helps me out.

This website will be my corner of the web, where I will share my accumulated knowledge and suggestions on how to make a living by running a web-based business with both written content and videos. Be sure to check my social channels out, and hope I can help you make your own journey a heck of a lot easier than mine have been, when I started doing this.